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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Central Park Replacemet

I decided to redo the Central Park in Sunset Valley out of boredom, but I love the end result. It features the same four park corners setup and center fountain as the original and is on the same lot. It has spawners for small birds, rodents, turtles, and bugs as well as fish spawners in the pond. This lot can, of course, be used in any world but requires multiple expansions and some store content for the exact look. 

Click on the images for an enlarged view

Lot Info

Size: 64x64
Type: Community: Big Park
Custom Content?: Yes, but very, very little
Store Content?: Yes
Spawners?: Yes, for fish, small animals, and common seeds
Built on Patch: 1.55

Store Content Needed/Optional

Rim Rockin' Basket Ball Hoop: The Sims 3 Store (500 Simpoints)
Dragon Valley (for the light in the center of the fountain): The Sims 3 Store ($20.00)
Dragon Valley Gold Edition (for the fountain): The Sims 3 Store ($35.00)
Sunlit Tides (for the lights throughout the park): The Sims 3 Store (2,450 Simpoints - Standard)

The content listed above it optional because it will be replaced in the event that you don't have it. The fountain can be replaced yourself by editing the lot and replacing it with the fountain normally found in Sunset Valley's Central Park which is found under the decorations. 
If you don't have the basketball hoop, it will be empty in that area. Feel free to add whatever you want to that space if you choose not to get the object,

Games Used in This Creation

The Sims 3The Sims 3 World AdventuresThe Sims 3 AmbitionsThe Sims 3 PetsThe Sims 3 Generations
The Sims 3 Late NightThe Sims 3 ShowtimeThe Sims 3 Island Paradise
Pets and Generations are a must. 
Showtime is only up there because of a photobooth on the lot so its optional. 
Island Paradise is because of a hot coal thing and a few bushes so its also optional. 
Late Night is due to a couple fish spawners from that expansion.
Ambitions and World Adventures is due to some plants on the lot so its optional. These will be replaced with default content.

Download Park (Sims3Pack)

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